International Antiputin Coalition

The former soviet political prisoners want

to convey the truth about

Maidan and the war in Ukraine

to all people

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In the Gallery presented the half of those unique (photo) pictures which will be shown in our exhibitions in the american and european cities.

  • 2. Young passengers of Boeing Malaysia airlines.
  • 3. Defenders of Donezk airport.
  • 4. Victim of terrorists shelling.
  • 5. Terrorists howitzers near by a school and hospital.
  • 6. School after terrorists shelling.
  • 7. Ukraine soldier in hospital after amputation.
  • 8. Boeing debris on a land.
  • 9. Boeing passenger.
  • 10. A funeral of all family killed by terrorists in Mariupol.
  • 11. 17 victims of terrorists mine attack on passenger bus in Volnovaha.
  • 12. After terrorists mine attack on village.
  • 13. She was just walking with her dog in a home yard.
  • 14. Death on Lugansk street.
  • 15. A part of а russian shell after the shelling of Kramatorsk.
  • 16. Bus in Donezk after a terrorists mine attack.
  • 17. A russian flamethrower captured by the ukrainian army from the separatists.
  • 18. A school after terrorists shelling.
  • 19. She did not have time to crossing a street. She was 9 years old.
  • 20. Refugees from Debalzevo. They lost their home.
  • 21. Church after terrorists shelling.
  • 22. The center of Debaltsevo