International Antiputin Coalition

The former soviet political prisoners want

to convey the truth about

Maidan and the war in Ukraine

to all people

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Today, when Kremlin’s aggressive policy is threatening the entire world, it is vital to establish an independent opposition television channel, New Russia, and organize its broadcast. For broadcasting to the European part of Russia, European Hot Bird and Astra satellite channels can be used. We propose to establish a studio in Helsinki as the most suitable place, where opposition broadcast to Russia can be organized without interference and intervention of Russian authorities. Helsinki has convenient transport connection to St. Petersburg, where the channel’s news bureau can be established, without stating its address. The channel should provide a full-range broadcasting service including news, analysis, and entertainment content. There is a large group of professional journalists of over 20 people willing to work for this channel as freelancers in St. Petersburg and six other cities in Russia. They will continue working for various Russian media agencies and at the same time will provide the most interesting materials for the channel, getting an additional fee for their work, which will involve certain risks of persecution by the Russian authorities.

New Russia TV channel envisages having partners in Ukraine and the United States. In Ukraine, heads of state TV channels such as Kyiv State Television and Radio Company and Ukrainian Television and Radio Company, with extensive experience in broadcasting, expressed interest in cooperating on this project. These companies have a wide broadcasting network in Ukraine and many other countries, but they need to modernize their equipment and expand their journalists and service staff. In the United States, the Voice of America could become a partner for New Russia channel. New Russia TV Channel will broadcast in Russian, providing information, analysis and opinion on the events in Russia based on materials received from Russian correspondents, as well as on the events in Ukraine based on contributions from its partners in Kiev, and the events in the world based on inputs from the Voice of America. Analytical programs will be based on the materials provided both by own employees and outside experts from around the world, including Russia. Entertainment content of TV broadcast will be developed by professionals from Russia and Ukraine. At the same time, the exchange of materials between New Russia’s Russian correspondents with their partners in Ukraine and the United States is also planned, for broadcasting in Ukraine and abroad.

Broadcasting the programs of New Russia TV channel to the European part of Russia via satellites with the audience of over 13 million will gradually carry an impact on the minds of Russian citizens that will help change their worldview. This will help them accept the need for political change in the country and make them look for ways of introducing such change. The objectives of the independent TV broadcasting channel are both mid-term and long-term. In the medium term, the editors will have the task of attracting the largest possible audience and capturing the minds to make Russian viewers critically analyze the information provided by Russian media and change their attitude towards the authorities. In the long term, New Russia channel aims to foster the formation of a new wave of Russian opposition based on the principles of parliamentarism, as opposed to leaderism, as is the case today. We can expect that this new opposition environment will provide the real leader of future Russia.

The Coalition is planning to hold a number of events, including a photo exhibition “Crimes of Donbas Terrorists (LPR-DPR) against Humanity” in a number of capitals in Europe and North America. Photos come from various sources: news agencies, TV stations, newspapers, and independent journalists. Place and time of the exhibitions will be agreed with the representatives of the diasporas and NGOs. On November 22, 2014, the 10th anniversary of the first “Orange” Ukrainian Revolution, an International Antiwar Forum of Political Prisoners of the USSR, Russia and the member countries of the Warsaw Pact is planned to be held on the Independence Square (Maidan) in Kyiv, Ukraine. Nearly 150 former political prisoners from 17 countries are expected to attend the Forum, as well as prominent Ukrainian and foreign politicians and civil society leaders. Based on the Forum’s results, a Memorandum will be adopted, condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea. The Memorandum will be sent to the Parliaments of the leading countries of the world. The Forum will become a landmark event in the history of Ukraine.

To date, the Coalition brings together civil society activists and NGOs from 16 countries and intends to pursue an anti-fascist campaign far beyond the borders of Ukraine and Europe. A Facebook group, Stop Fascism in Russia, has been set, and the website,, is under development. The Coalition seeks to lobby for the adoption of the Law of the United States Senate on the recognition of Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics as terrorist organizations. To do this, it will ask for support from foundations, businesses, government, and individuals. It is necessary to gather a group of professionals capable of conveying to US lawmakers the wish of American citizens to adopt such law. At the same time, the Coalition plans to hold regular protests in major cities of Europe and America in order to attract public attention to the aggressive policy of the neo-fascist Russian state and to make every effort to isolate the criminal chauvinist regime of Putin.