International Antiputin Coalition

The former soviet political prisoners want

to convey the truth about

Maidan and the war in Ukraine

to all people

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FASCISM, as a socio-political phenomenon, HAS FIVE CHARACTERISTIC SYMPTOMS which was in Germany from 1933 till 1945:

  1. The chauvinism of a great world power.
  2. The merging of all branches of power – the executive, legislative, and judicial branches – with the institutions of force, media, and the business elite.
  3. Aggression toward neighboring states and annexation of adjacent territories.
  4. Persecution of dissidents and politically motivated assassinations.
  5. The idolization of the Fuhrer.

All of these symptoms can be found in today’s Russia. Some of these symptoms can be found in the other republics of the former USSR.  Fascism, as a synonym of national-socialism, includes all of the symptoms listed above, in full and simultaneously.

Today, the Coalition has brought together many civil society activists and NGOs from 16 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Canada, and the U.S.

The main goal of the Coalition is to change the criminal regime in Russia through active propaganda and information campaigns targeted at Russian citizens in all parts of the country. To achieve this goal, we will use all legal methods and tools, including the distribution of free periodicals, the establishment of an independent TV channel “New Russia” broadcasting from Helsinki through the Western satellites, and the interactive website of the Coalition. The funds raised will be used to purchase printing equipment, to publish the opposition bulletins weekly in the largest cities of Russia, and to lobby in the United States for the allocation of the funds necessary to launch the opposition TV channel “New Russia.”

The first project of the Coalition was a photo exhibition “Crimes of Donbass (LPR-DPR) terrorists against humanity”, Kiev, Ukraine.

The Coalition Coordinators:

Herman Obuhov, United States, Coalition founder and world-wide coordinator, former political prisoner USSR (1981 -87), writer,

Konstantin Ershov, Russia, leader of Republican Union of Russian opposition in St. Petersburg,

Yury Melnichuk – Ukraine, social activist, political refugee from Russia,

Tatyana Kochetkova  – Benelux, lawyer, Netherlands,

Igor Magrilov – Germany, journalist,

Andrey Sidelnikov – Great Britain, social activist,

Kirill Lyagushev – Canada, social activist,

Andrey Piontkovski – United States, political analyst, publicist


We must win the information war against Russia!